Four More Excellent Bands from Los Angeles

By Phin Upham
Los Angeles is the home of Hollywood, but it’s also the home town of many of music’s greatest acts. The list of bands that hail from Los Angeles is encyclopedic, but here is a short review of some fan favorites from different eras.

Bad Relegion

Bad Relegion

Bad Religion

Bad Religion is headed by Greg Graffin, and they are known for their vocal harmonies. Their lineup has changed several times since their start in 1979, and they have released a total of sixteen studio albums during their time. Though they have always had a cult kind of following, they didn’t achieve mainstream success until Stranger Than Fiction, their eighth album, dropped in 1994.

The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys got their start in Hawthorne California in 1961. They are known for pioneering the sound of so-called “beach rock.” Their early days were dominated almost exclusively by the creative ambition of Brian Wilson. But Wilson gradually stepped away from the front row as he began developing mental health problems and a substance abuse issue. The band reunited briefly in 2012 and 2013.


Beck pioneered the so-called “lo-fi” sound that was popular throughout the 1990s. He found an early love of hip hop and folk music in his teens. He recorded his breakout record “Loser” after spending some time in New York’s anti-folk movement. Beck has since gone on to release a total of ten studio albums.

The Eagles

Don Henley led the four-man act born out of Los Angeles in 1971. By the end of the 70s, the Eagles were one of America’s most successful musical acts. They are also the fifth highest selling act in music history.